We are EMH Productions:

EMH Productions Inc. is an International Entertainment & Media Company founded by the Legendary Persian singer Ebi and his wife Mahshid in the year 2000 in Los Angeles, California. 

The company has five divisions and two sister companies operating in four continents. The divisions include: Talent Management, Concert & Event Promotion, Music Production, Film & Video Production, and a PR department that specializes in Brand Management and Social Media strategy. 


Quality, quality, quality
No matter the size of the project, everything we do must be top of the line, and we always give it 110% to make sure it gets there.

Team work all the way
Every single person in the team is crucial. We fail and succeed together, thus every person should be willing to do every task within the company.

Communication without hesitation
Free flow of information, ideas, and opinions is the only way we can continuously improve and move forward.

Timing is everything
Move fast and efficient, but always play the long game.

Always be different
We don’t follow trends, we set them.