Over 20 years EMH has been an industry leader in Talent Management and a dominant force in the Persian Music Industry. Representing the biggest and most reputable names in the business, we pride ourselves on our star-studded talent roster and our commitment to provide world class service to our clientele across several industries. Every Artist is part of what we proudly call the EMH Family and our pledge to each and every one of our talents is that we dedicate ourselves entirely to accomplish their goals, and to the perpetual improvement of their brand and image. We currently have the pleasure of managing four of the greatest names in the Persian Music Industry: Ebi, Faramarz, Arash and Sasy. 


Voice of a Nation

Ebrahim Hamedi, known better as “Ebi” to his millions of fans across the world, is undoubtedly one of the most iconic Persian Pop Artists of all time. His powerful voice and mesmerizing character has established Ebi as possibly the most notable household name in Iran. Throughout his 50+ year career, Ebi has released over 30 albums and over 100 singles, and performed sold out shows at the most iconic venues across the world. But more than his artistic achievements, Ebi’s is known for his incredible kindness and love towards his fans, transcending 3 generations of Farsi speakers worldwide.


Truthful Soul

It can easily be said that Faramarz Aslani is behind some of the most legendary songs in Persian music, ever. He’s a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Philanthropist, but he would say that first of all, he’s human. His satin voice and catchy melodies has made him a singer for the ages. But it is his charming character that sets Faramarz apart, a man truly loved by all. As a touring artist, Faramarz continuously plays at some of the most prestigious venues in the world.


International Sensation

Arash is a Platinum-selling Swedish-Iranian singer and producer, and is known as the only Farsi speaking artist who has successfully managed to cross over onto the international stage. His music has earned him countless rewards and topped charts around the world, in both Farsi and English. Throughout the years Arash has done some of the most historic collaborations with some of the biggest names in music, including: Shaggy, Sean Paul, T-Pain and Snoop Dog.


Mega Hit Man

Sasan Yafte, or Sasy as he’s known to his millions of fans, is the most popular Persian Artist of his generation. It’s difficult to believe that an Artist as young as he, could have already made such an impact on the world. Through his music Sasy has broken unthinkable barriers, set numerous records, and inspired millions of children, teenagers and adults alike, all over the world. The story of this young Superstar started in Post-Revolution Iran, as an underground singer. But Sasy’s unique ability to create catchy hooks and raise reactions from the masses has made him notorious for his ability to drop mega hits, which he does year after year.


Electrifying Duo

25Band is a trendsetting duo made up of husband and wife, Tamin & A-Del. Their unique sound and musical style, together with every other element of their personas set these two artists apart from all the rest.

The passionate duo started as a project in their hometown Mashhad (Iran) where they were both raised. By 2009 they’d decided to continue their musical journey outside of Iran, and today they live in Los Angeles, California.

Today 25Band has become a household name amongst Persians around the globe, with over 4 million Social Media followers their fanbase is ever-growing. Their last 30 music videos have generated over 300 million views combined.


Creativity takes courage, and that’s what being an artist is all about.
So it’s with a great sense of pride and appreciation,
the EMH management team represents our clients every day.