Our three production divisions are proven track record holders as the best in the business. Between our Concert, Music Production and Film and Video Production teams, nothing is out of reach. If you can dream it, we can create it, and if you need us to dream it for you, we will.

Film & Video



Film and Video

Today EMH is actively involved with a wide range of productions such as:
Music Videos
Short Films
 Concert Films
TV Awards & Gala’s
 TV Specials


We are incredibly proud for having had the pleasure to produce, in various degrees, on some of the most iconic Albums and Singles ever created within the Persian Music Industry. From Ebi’s “Jane Javani” album which lead to one of the largest concert tours in Persian Music history, selling over 200,000 tickets in 19 countries, to Sasy’s mega hit single “Gentleman” that become an international sensation and caused such waves that Iran’s Minister of Education got fired for his inability to prevent the spread of young school girls singing and dancing to the song in class during morning prayer. Music is the glue that binds EMH and each person within it, and we will continue to always push the boundaries.


At EMH we firmly believe that quality is all. As such, our concert production division is fundamental to our business model. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of the live concert experience because we never settle for anything less than amazing. We’re in the business of creating the ultimate experience, and will always aim to create the most memorable night, ever.